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Since 1997, Boutsen Aviation is recognized as an industry leader in aircraft sales and acquisitions. Every day, our team of experts works to expand and develop the company’s worldwide presence, and the following articles are excerpts and highlights of momentous achievements we have reached to date.

April Race Brings May EBACE

  • Boutsen Aviation   |   2019-05-06
Monaco – May 6, 2019 – While the saying goes, “April Showers Bring May Flowers”, here at Boutsen Aviation we have a different way of looking at it that goes above and beyond the weather. We’ve been jam-packed full of events this past month, and the next promises to be even busier...

Marching Forward at Boutsen Aviation

  • Boutsen Aviation   |   2019-03-18
Monaco, March 15, 2019 - There is an informal term in the United States dubbed “March Madness” relating to an annual basketball championship. While we are some kilometers away from the courts, this month we have some slam dunks of our own that we would like to share with you, including our latest additions to the listing and our sponsorship and attendance for the upcoming Winter Aviation Summit...

Boutsen Aviation Already Flying Sky High in 2019

  •    |   2019-02-04
January 31st, 2019 – Monaco – Even though it has been less than a month into the new year, Boutsen Aviation is already moving at full speed with new aircraft added to the listing, mandates to source, new members joining the team, as well as traveling for industry-related events...

Boutsen Aviation’s Mid-East focus touches down in Dubai for MEBAA 2018

  •    |   2018-12-10
December 10, 2018 – Dubai – For the occasion of MEBAA 2018, Boutsen Aviation is pleased to announce the display of its Airbus A319CJ in collaboration with AIRBUS on the static. The aircraft was recently showcased at EBACE earlier this year, and it makes for the first presentation of a business liner the company has presented for MEBAA.

Boutsen Gears Focus on India and Middle East

  •    |   2018-11-28
November 28, 2018 – Monaco – This season, Boutsen Aviation’s activities are highly concentrated east of Monaco, with a combination of events and sales in India, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai...

Boutsen Aviation Takes Off into September

  • Boutsen Aviation   |   2018-09-21
The summer holidays are over and the new season is in full force for the team of Boutsen Aviation. With the shortening of days, the activity within the company grows larger, including international trips, events, and new aircraft in the listing...

Boutsen Aviation Heats Up Summer with Over 360 Aircraft Sold

  • Boutsen Aviation   |   2018-08-06
Monaco – August 6, 2018 – Summer is in full swing in Monaco, and the heat has only served to rev the engines of the Boutsen Aviation team. The company has surpassed its 360th aircraft transaction, another milestone coming quickly on the heels of the 350th that closed earlier this year...

Looking Back on EBACE 2018

  • Boutsen Aviation   |   2018-06-07
June 7, 2018 - Monaco - Less than a week ago, Boutsen Aviation was on site in Geneva at EBACE, Europe’s largest business aviation convention...

Big Dreams Lead to Big Aircraft

  • Boutsen Aviation   |   2018-05-25
Geneva - May 25, 2018 - When Thierry Boutsen sold his first Piper Cheyenne II in 1997 after finishing his career as an F1 pilot, he never imagined to what great lengths his blossoming company would grow to. Twenty-one years and 355 aircraft later, Boutsen Aviation is proud to present an Airbus A319 Corporate Jet at this year’s EBACE, the largest aircraft to be displayed by the company to date. The entire team is thrilled to welcome clients aboard such a prestigious and impressive vessel.

Spring Has Sprung for Boutsen Aviation

  • Boutsen Aviation   |   2018-05-18
Monaco - May 17, 2018 - Things are in full bloom at Boutsen Aviation this month and show no sign of slowing down as the season continues ...

Boutsen Aviation Spreads its Wings into the Southeast Asian Market

  • Boutsen Aviation   |   2018-05-17
Monaco - May 17, 2018 - This month, Boutsen Aviation is pleased to welcome Atiesh Mishra as the newest member to the company’s international sales representative team. Based in New Delhi, India, Mr. Mishra will be responsible for expanding and developing the rapidly growing southeast Asian market, with particular focus on India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia...

A New Milestone

  • Boutsen Aviation   |   2018-04-06
I have the great pleasure to announce an outstanding new milestone for our company: the 350th aircraft sold to date, thanks to the combined efforts of our expert sales team ...

“Chicane” is renamed “Thierry Boutsen Chicane”

  •    |   2018-03-26
Big news for all loyal racing fans and sympathizers of Circuit Zolder! The well-known “little chicane", located before the sacrament slope, now bears the name “Thierry Boutsen Chicane”. This is due to an enthusiastic group of employees at Circuit Zolder, who wants to avoid that valuable memories will disappear...


  •    |   2018-03-20
Monaco - March 20, 2018 - Boutsen Aviation will be leaving the sunshine in Monaco this week and heading towards sub-zero temperatures in Vevey Switzerland for the 3rd edition of the Winter Aviation Summit (WAS) from March 22 – 23...

17 in ’17 : Boutsen Aviation Closes the Year 2017 with 17 Aircraft Sales

  •    |   
January 30, 2018 – It was the week before Christmas, and all through the office … the entire Boutsen Aviation team was bustling to close the last transactions of the year. Instead of wrapping paper, they were flipping through contracts, instead of gift lists for Santa, it was checklists of what was needed for the final closing, and instead of holiday carols, it was the sound of jet engines that rumbled through the ears of the broker team...

Thierry Boutsen parrain de la 10ème Edition du Stars Rallye Télévie

  •    |   2017-10-9
The "Stars Rallye Télévie" is a fundraising rally created to support the fight against cancer and leukaemia. Initiated by former professional driver Willy Braillard, and Allan Sport, the event is held each year in Belgium where the general public has a chance to share their driving passion for “Télévie” with celebrity stars from the sport and show-business. For this special 10th Anniversary rally on October 15th, 2017, Boutsen Aviation Founder & Chairman Thierry Boutsen will be the honorary ambassador and will drive the latest Honda NSX hybrid.

Boutsen Aviation: the Rallye continues! Two Gulfstream G550 transactions in one week!

  •    |   2017-10-05
October 5th, 2017 – Traditionally, September is a hard working month for Boutsen Aviation, mainly because we are at the heart of the Monaco Yacht Show, in the bustle and hustle of its visitors, high-end clientele and partners coming from all around the world. Our sales team is very solicited with important meetings and events occurring throughout the month.

A Gulfstream G550 Month for Boutsen Aviation

  •    |   2017-09-17
The summer season is over, and Boutsen Aviation is heading into autumn full throttle. Before the end of August, the company successfully closed the sale of a 2010 Gulfstream G550, marking the 19th Gulfstream transaction to date. According to sales broker Timothée Marcie, “the G550 market has been incredibly active for the past few months, and we are proud to be at its forefront”.

Two Birds, One Successful Show:
Boutsen Aviation at EBACE 2017

  • Boutsen Aviation   |   2017-06-10
Monaco, June 10, 2017 ­— Though clouds and rain were initially predicted in the forecast, the first day of EBACE 2017 broke with clear blue skies and bright sunshine on the Static Display where Boutsen Aviation was one of 24 companies showcasing aircraft for viewing. Upon entering the Static, the first impressive view your eyes met with was the stunning Falcon 7X MSN 135, which is the only Falcon 7X in the entire world to feature a shower.

Boutsen Aviation's Spring News

  • Boutsen Aviation   |   2017-05-18
As winter turned to spring in Monaco, Boutsen Aviation has been highly active both at home and abroad. April has been a busy month, both in sales and acquisitions, events and traveling, and preparations for the upcoming EBACE this month.

Boutsen Aviation - First Quarter Summary

  • Boutsen Aviation   |   2017-04-02
Boutsen Aviation has had an active Q1, as it kicks off the first three months of its 20th Anniversary year with a number of sales, acquisition mandates, travels, and events. Founded in 1997 by Formula One driver Thierry Boutsen and his wife Daniela, Boutsen Aviation has since grown to be one of the most esteemed aircraft sales and acquisitions companies in Europe, and has sold a total of 335 aircraft to date...

Boutsen Aviation Sells 15 Aircraft in 2016 and is Already Taking Off into 2017

  • Boutsen Aviation   |   2017-02-10
The team at Boutsen Aviation closed 2016 with a record of four sales in December alone. As the year came to an end, the Monaco-based company sold two Gulfstream and two Falcon 7x, adding to the previous 13 aircraft sold throughout the year. Founder and Chairman Thierry Boutsen closed the sale of a G550 in Basel, Switzerland, just one week following the sale of a GV in Luton...

Boutsen Aviation Awarded ‘Special Jury Prize’ by Monaco Economic Board

  • Boutsen Aviation   |   2016-12-01
Last night, Boutsen Aviation Founders Thierry and Daniela Boutsen were awarded the Special Jury Prize at the 5th Annual “Trophées de l’Eco” at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. Hosted by the Monaco Economic Board, six entrepreneurs were awarded prizes based on their contributions to the Principality...

Another Successful EBACE for Boutsen Aviation

  • Boutsen Aviation   |   2016-06-07
June 7, 2016 - Monaco. The week at EBACE 2016 proved to be a successful one for the team at Boutsen Aviation. Over the course of the three day event, a letter of intent for a Gulfstream GV was executed, and a price drop for the Embraer Legacy 650 was concluded by the week’s end. Additionally, Executive Vice President Mathieu Pezin signed an exclusive sales mandate for Hawker 800B MSN 258056 and an acquisition mandate for a EC135T2+...

Another Milestone Aircraft Sale for Boutsen Aviation

  • Boutsen aviation   |   2016-03-31
Boutsen Aviation is pleased to announce the sale of the Falcon 2000 - s/n 226 (manufactured in 2006), representing the 320th aircraft transaction to date for the Monaco-based company. Additionally, it is the second aircraft delivered to an Indian customer, demonstrating the growth and development of Boutsen Aviation’s worldwide customer base.

Boutsen Aviation Announces Timothee Marcie as New Salesman

  • Boutsen Aviation   |   2015-06-29
Boasting a total of 305 aircraft sales of the world’s finest new and preowned aircraft since its inception in 1997, BOUTSEN AVIATION has seen an impressive track record of sales in the past 14 months...

Boutsen Aviation Sells its Fourth Dassault Falcon 7X in Just 12 Months

  • Boutsen Aviation   |   
Boutsen Aviation, aircraft sales and acquisition specialists, have enjoyed a flying start to 2015 with the successful sale of the 2008 Dassault Falcon 7X s/n 019. The milestone sale represents the fourth Dassault Falcon 7X transaction successfully closed by Boutsen Aviation in the last 12 months.

Boutsen Aviation Welcomes Karim Hijazi to Sales Force

  • Boutsen Aviation   |   13/12/2012
Boutsen Aviation, concurrently with its successful sale of its 250th aircraft, announces that Karim Hijazi is joining the aircraft sales team. Hijazi, a French citizen with residency in the UAE, has logged over 3,000 hours in military and civilian helicopters and fixed wings, and holds commercial, multi-engine, and airline transport pilot certificates;