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Embraer Legacy 650

The Legacy 650 transports up to 14 passengers in a well-appointed, largest-in-class, three-zone cabin that is also one of the quietest. Yet operating costs are equivalent to those of many two-cabin aircraft. The Legacy 650 is an aircraft with wide-ranging appeal and one that makes for an intelligent choice for fast, reliable and comfortable travel anywhere in the world.

Offered Exclusively for Sale by Boutsen Aviation

2011 Embraer Legacy 650

MSN 14501141 - OE-LFX

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Highlights / 2022-04-25

"The Legacy 650 is the perfect workhorse that combines high reliability ratings and low operating costs thanks to its airliner legacy. Its large 3-zone cabin and 3,900nm range will procure its owners the most comfort and versatility that money can buy in its class."

- Timothée Marcie, V.P. Sales
  • Specifications

    • On CAMP
    • 13 PAX Interior
    • ADS-B Out & FANS/CPDLC Compliant
    • Swift Broadband Internet Access
    • Engines on RRCC
    • 2018 Paint
    • EASA Compliant

  • Engine(s)

    • Rolls Royce AE3007A2
    • On On Rolls Royce Corporate Care
    • Engine 1: 2,960 TSN
    • Engine 1: 1,142 CSN
    • Engine 2: Rolls Royce AE3007A2
    • Engine 2: 2,960 TSN
    • Engine 2: 1,142 CSN

  • APU

    • Hamilton Sundstrand T-62T-40C14
    • On MSP Gold

  • Avionics

    Honeywell Primus Elite Avionics Suite
    • Five 8" x 7" Liquid Crystal Displays, 2 Primary Flights Displays, 2 Multifunction Displays, and 1 Engine Indication and Crew Altering System with Multi Reversionary Capabilities
    • Dual Integrated Avionics Computers
    • Dual Honeywell VHF Navigation System (Integrated NAV, ADF and DME Functions)
    • Cabin Interphone Systems
    • Honeywell AV-850 Airborne Audio Systems
    • L3 Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorder
    • L3 Solid State Flight Data Recorder
    • Dual Honeywell AZ-850 RVSM Compatible Air Data Computers
    • Dual VHF Communication System with 8.33 KHz Frequency Spacing
    • Honeywell RT-300 Radio Altimeter
    • Honeywell Mark V EGPWS with Windshear Detector and Escape Guidance
    • Honeywell WX-880 Weather Radar with Dual Control Panel and Turbulence Detection
    • Trafic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS 2000) Dual Honeywell NZ-2000 Flight Management Systems (FMS) + Honeywell Global Positioning System + Honeywell Laseref V IRS
    • Data Loader DL-1000
    • CAT II Honeywell Autopilot / Flight Director
    • Artex C406-2 Emergency Locator Transmitter
    • Honeywell HD-710 SATCOM DADOS – HSD

  • Equipment

    • Smart Runway and Smart Landing RAAS
    • Communications Management United with 3rd VHF (8.33 KHz Frequency Spacing)
    • 2nd ADF
    • Steep Approach Capability & London City Airport Operation + Operation in Cannes Airport
    • Electronic Flight Bag and EDS Software
    • Additional Convection Oven
    • Flight Attendant Seat with Intercom Handset Integrated
    • 77 ft3 Oxygen Bottle in Addition to the Existing 115 ft3
    • Forward Crew Lavatory Externally Serviceable Replacing Storage Closet
    • 220V Power Outlet (all cabin will have the same power supply)
    • Additional VIP Control in the AFT Cabin at the LH AFT Facing Seat
    • Swiftbroadband High Speed Data System

  • Interior

    • 13 Passenger Configuration
    • The cabin features three distinct zones: The forward cabin offers a four place club with two executive tables
    • The mid cabin offers a conference setting with four cabin chairs stationed around a conference table and opposite a credenza
    • The aft cabin features two club chairs opposite a three place divan
    • There is an aft lavatory, forward crew lavatory, and a forward galley

  • Exterior

    • White & Blue Body with Gold Stripes

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