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What We Do

Pilots, legal experts, managers, salesmen, technical and marketing, the women and men of Boutsen Aviation implement the perfect equation of rigor and expertise in all transactions and dealings in their daily professional savoir-faire.

Sourcing and Appraisal

We perform a visual inspection of the airframe and the cabin, a logbook review to recall the history of the aircraft meanwhile highlighting any aspects that may increase or decrease its market value.


We take care of all aspects of advertising and marketing the aircraft, including presentations to potential clients, price negotiation, offers to purchase, and opening of the escrow account.


We work with five legal offices located in the United States, Switzerland, and France, all of which specialize particularly in business aviation. With such a level of expertise in the legality of this specific market, we ensure absolute efficiency in every element of the legal process.


We organize and supervise of the pre-purchase inspection to protect the asset of our clients and to be sure the aircraft meets all technical standards.


We manage the organization of the closing, de-registration, certification, export/import tax related issues, and any other administrative task relating to the transaction.