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Boutsen Aviation Team

Boutsen Aviation is the story of a man and his dream. Thierry Boutsen made his first career as a major player in Formula One, a profession that revolved around precision, excellence, details, and most importantly, a winning team. As he transitioned into his second career in business aviation, it comes as no surprise that he would carry over these values and instill them onto his company.


Thierry Boutsen, Chairman & Founder of Boutsen Aviation


When Thierry Boutsen created Boutsen Aviation in 1997 with a vision to position himself in the pre-owned business jet sales market, the former Formula One driver could hardly have imagined that within a few years he would be a major player in the highly-competitive industry.

Thierry's initial interest in the aviation market sparked during his career in Formula One: He bought his first small plane in 1987, and consequently sold and upgraded it several times throughout his driving career. What began as a casual hobby soon gained the respect and admiration of his fellow F1 drivers, after which he began to advise and assist in the aircraft purchases of his colleagues. The seed of an idea was born as Thierry realized his passion for business and aviation could potentially blossom into an entirely new career.

Now, nearly 27 years after creating Boutsen Aviation, the team has sold an astounding 423 aircraft to date, making them one of the leading European companies in the industry.

Today the management of Boutsen Aviation is made up of Founder and Chairman Thierry Boutsen and President Dominique Trinquet. Together, they are shareholders and board members of the Monaco-based company.

Dominique Trinquet

Dominique's career began with a passion for aviation, leading him to begin airline pilot training in 1990. Over the next two years, he gained invaluable flight experience while based at Paris Toussus-Le-Noble. In 1992, he moved to the French West Indies where he served as an airline pilot. Upon his return to Paris at the end of 1993, he joined the aviation community and flew as a captain on various jet aircraft. One year later, he decided to build experience by working as sales manager of an aircraft brokerage company in Le Bourget, France.

Dominique joined the growing team of Boutsen Aviation in 2000 as a shareholder and Sales Manager, and since 2015 he has been the President of the company.

Dominique Trinquet, President of Boutsen Aviation


Chris Thalhammer
Head of Sales Central and Eastern European Countries

Chris Thalhammer is a 40-year-old aviator, training manager, and instructor, who lives in the Tyrolean Alps and is based out of London for work, traveling the world for business and leasure. Most of his career was then spent at Tag Aviation Europe where he received his first upgrade to command and became a line training captain. With 8,500 flight hours under his belt, having operated 4 different aircraft types and 7 different variants in his 20 years as a professional pilot, he brings Boutsen Aviation his passion for aviation and his vast knowledge of aircraft.

Donald Djobo
Vice President Sales for Africa

Donald, our new VP of Sales for Africa, brings a wealth of experience from his successful career in sales and entrepreneurship. His expertise and track record make him a valuable addition to Boutsen Aviation. As the Head of Sales for Africa, Donald underscores our commitment to expanding and strengthening our presence in this rapidly growing region. With a deep understanding of the African market and a history of successful leadership in companies like ISAGI Aviation, AVIANET Consulting, and Africa Tours Center, Donald is well-equipped to navigate the challenges and capitalize on opportunities in the region.

Benjamin Ribouleau
Aircraft Sales & Market Analysis
Benjamin Ribouleau

Benjamin recently graduated as a mechanical and structural engineer in aerospace systems from the IPSA school. Since his first flight at the age of 15, Benjamin has been passionate about aeronautics and has invested in expanding and strengthening his knowledge through various internships.
Having completed an exchange semester at the University of Arizona, he learned how to manage communication projects with an international context, proving his attraction for the challenge and open-mindedness that will be useful within Boutsen Aviation international work scope.

Jean-Louis Cehovic
Aircraft Sales Director Switzerland

Based in Zurich, Jean-Louis joined Boutsen Aviation in 2020 to expand the company’s presence in Switzerland & Eastern Europe. With an extensive background of over 15 years in business aviation, he held a variety of executive roles including Director of Operations at Dassault Falcon Services, Director of Aircraft Management with Execujet, Chairman of the ACJ Advisory Board and Director of a large Monaco-based family office. Engineer from the ENAC (French Civil Aviation Academy), he holds an MBA degree in General Management from the INSEAD Business School and is fluent in English, French, Russian and German.


Elise Caraveo
Finance & Administration Manager
Laura Kuti

Elise joined the Boutsen team in 2023 as Finance and Administration Manager, taking over accounts payable and receivable and HR functions. Her accomplishments have included assistance on projects ranging from global treasury operations and international travel safety to budgeting in her roles at the President’s Office and Treasury at Columbia University, New York. She holds dual Master’s degrees in French Literature from New York University and in English from the Université de Nice. Her multicultural background and range of interests allow her to relate to discerning clients and dovetails with the Boutsen Aviation ethos.

Amandine Cesaroni
Team Assistant
Amandine Cesaroni

Freshly graduated with a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management, Amandine spent a few months in Singapore. Upon her return to Monaco, she worked for one year as a personal assistant for a local family.
From an early age, Amandine has been interested and involved in human relations, and in 2019 she joined Boutsen Aviation as Team Assistant.

Laurent Lemonnier
I.T. - Studio
Laurent Lemonnier

With a Masters in Communication and Graphic Industries, Laurent was one of the first to join the Boutsen Aviation team when the company was founded in 1997. Prior to his appointment, Laurent worked for five years for a leading French Aviation Magazine.
In 2004, Laurent went on to take a short break from aviation to focus on new technologies and work for another French company dealing with the editing of navigational guides. He returned full-time to Boutsen Aviation in 2011, and now is responsible for the web development and the intricate intranet/extranet solutions for Boutsen Aviation