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Bombardier Global 5000

The Global 5000 delivers unmatched performance, comfort and reliability with features and benefits that combine to deliver a value proposition unmatched in its class. With power and performance to get you closer to your destination, the Global 5000 aircraft accesses more of the world's most challenging airfields and business hubs.

Offered Exclusively for Sale by Boutsen Aviation

2012 Bombardier Global 5000

MSN 9468 - N283CK

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Highlights / 2019-08-14

"One of the first Global 5000 featuring the "Vision" flight deck, MSN 9468 is enrolled on engines programs and equipped with KU-Band high speed internet. With recent 60-month inspection and paint, N283CK is a must-see US-based opportunity."

- Timothée Marcie, V.P. Sales
  • Specifications

    • Global Vision Flight Deck
    • ViaSat Ku-Band High Speed Internet
    • Rolls Royce CorporateCare
    • SmartParts Plus
    • Fresh 60-Month Inspection
    • Increased MTOW to 92,500LBS for extended range
    • Fresh New Paint
    • FAA Part 135 Certified
    • EASA Compliant
    • US Based

  • Engine(s)

    • Rolls-Royce BR700-710A2-20
    • On Rolls-Royce CorporateCare
    • Engine 1: 4,673 TSN
    • Engine 1: 1,221 CSN
    • Engine 2: 4,673 TSN
    • Engine 2: 1,221 CSN

  • APU

    • Honeywell RE220
    • 3,057 TSN
    • 3,149 CSN

  • Avionics

    Global Vision Flight Deck - Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion Avionics Suite
    • Four 14'' x11'' landscape active matrix liquid crystal displays with EFIS
    • Three Rockwell Collins VHF-4000 (8.33 KHz enabled)
    • Dual HF System
    • Dual SELCAL System
    • Datalink capability with FANS 1A / CPDLC enabled
    • CVR 120mn
    • FDR 25 hours of recording
    • Quick Access Recorder
    • ELT
    • Dual Jeppesen Electronic Charts
    • Capability for Graphical Weather display
    • One Class II Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
    • Head Up Flight Display System (HUD)
    • Enhanced Vision System (EVS)

    • Synthetic Vision System for Situational Awareness

    • Triple ADC
    • MultiScan Weather Radar
    • Three IRS systems
    • Two VHF Receivers
    • Two ADF Receivers

  • Equipment

    • ViaSat KU-Band System
    • Global Office
    • Lightning Detection System
    • Iridium Telephone System
    • Telephone Handsets
    • Cabin Printer/Copier/Scanner
    • 115 VAC/60 Hz Electrical Outlets

  • Interior

    • The RHS and LHS Forward Cabin includes four (4) single wide seats with recliner style footrest, electric lumbar, seat pan levelers (LHS and RHS aft seats), berthable/recline, and swivel capability.
    • The RHS Mid Cabin Credenza contains the entertainment source equipment and the combination fax/printer.
    • The LHS Mid Cabin Conference Group includes two (2) sets of double seats that provide full forward and aft tracking, with the ability to swivel each inboard seat.
    • The LHS Aft Cabin includes two (2) single narrow seats with recliner style footrests, electric lumbar, seat pan leveler, berthable/recline, and swivel capability.
    • Opposite one (1) 16G rated berthing divan equipped with telescopic shoulder harness posts is installed.
    • The divan has take-off and landing seating for two (2) passengers when the removable bulkhead is installed, and three (3) passengers when the bulkhead is removed.
    • An Audio/video system is installed to display movies and other video information.
    • Each of the monitors is able to independently display any available video source.
    • The Aft Area includes a lavatory, a vanity and an aft wardrobe.
    • It also includes a baggage compartment complete with a fold-up hang-up bar, a 60 inches (152 cm) removable hang-up bar, two (2) fold down shelves and miscellaneous storage, including areas fore and aft of the AC Power Center.

  • Exterior

    • 2 Grey and Dark-Blue Stripes along the White Body, leading to the Dark-Blue Painted Tail
    • Custom Logo next to the Main Entry Door
    • Recent New Paint

  • Remarks

    • One Owner Since New
    • No Damage History
    • Part 135 Certified
    • RVSM
    • US Based
    • 1000 hour check: Last at 3747hrs. Next due at 4797hrs.
    • 1500 hour check: Last at 2972hrs. Next due at 4497hrs.
    • 2250 hour check: Last at 2165hrs. Next due at 4465hrs

    • 3000 hour check: Last at 2972hrs. Next due at 6000hrs.
    • 450L check: Last at 874. Next due 1350.
    • 900L check: Last at 875. Next due 1800.
    • 15 month check: Last January 2018. Next Recommended December 2018.
    • 30 month check: Last January 2018. Next Recommended March 2020.
    • 60 month check: Last January 2018. Next Recommended September 2022.